Medical Devices

Contraceptive device manufacturing and quality control

GyneFIX contraceptive device logo

Frameless contraceptive device

GyneFIX is especially designed to offer safe, comfortable and effective non-hormonal contraception, minimizing side effects that accompany traditional T-shaped copper IUD's.

Gyn-CS contraceptive device logo

Intracesarean contraceptive device

Gyn-CS is the only contraceptive device that can reliably be inserted during a cesarean section. Gyn-CS offers safe, comfortable and effective non-hormonal contraception.

Our Activities

What we do best

Testing tubes with purple pipette

Contraceptive device manufacturing

Contrel Europe manufactures high quality contraceptive devices. Our entire manufacturing process is fully ISO13485:2016 certified.

storage racks with cardboard boxes

Secondary Packaging

Once our contraceptive devices are produced and sterilized, we handle the secondary packaging.